A community of passionate individuals collaborating to build the future of cheerleading.

Amp Athletics, a 501c3 non-profit established in 2021, fills the cheerleading void in the north metro. Our programs enhance youth skills in cheerleading with weekly classes, pop-up clinics, competitive teams, and open gyms. We provide top-notch cheerleading at an accessible price point, fueling our local youth and community's passion for the sport.

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Meet our Staff

Amp Athletics is proud to hire highly qualified, experience staff and coaches to execute our mission. All of our staff undergo a background check, certification and credentialing under the proper governing bodies for their position. Get to know some of our favorite people below!



Our organization functions under the direction of our volunteer Board of Directors. These dedicated individuals share their time to ensure AMP can be the best it can be, while remaining community-centered and ethically operated.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations, program revenue, and fundraisers to sustain our mission. We deeply appreciate the generosity of our sponsoring organizations, which allows us to offer our services at affordable rates. Our history traces back to a group of parents who joined the booster club of their athlete's high school competition cheerleading team in Coon Rapids. Over the years the group's passion for the sport lead to the establishment of the independent Competition Cheer Spirit Booster club in 2016, later launching Amp Athletics in 2020. After offering programs at various public sites, they were able to open a dedicated cheerleading gym facility.

With Amp Athletics fully launched and successful, the Board of Directors at the Competition Cheer Spirit Booster Club felt a greater calling to support youth in other ways. In late 2021, Amp Athletics became an independent 501(c)(3) organization. In 2022, the Competitive Cheer Spirit Booster Club held on to it's roots and support for cheerleading as it rebranded to CharitAbleMN refining it's mission to not only support Amp Athletics as a pillar program, but also spirit groups and other youth-focused initiatives in the area.

Today, Amp Athletics remains a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing high-quality cheerleading programs at affordable prices, operating out of our Coon Rapids gym facility and offering a range of classes, camps, clinics, and competitive teams to aspiring athletes. Cheerleading instills discipline, teamwork, and athleticism in athletes but often comes with high expenses due to strict regulations from governing bodies. As a non-profit, we work tirelessly to alleviate these financial burdens for our athletes and their families. Amp Athletics is dedicated to providing the same quality All Star Cheerleading experience offered by private gyms at an affordable price, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

To achieve this goal, we actively absorb costs through donations and fundraising, allowing us to expand access to cheerleading opportunities in our community. By doing so, we make cheerleading accessible to more youth, fostering discipline, teamwork, and athletic development within our area.

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Our Mission

At Amp Athletics, we develop confident and motivated athletes through the sport of cheer. We are committed to creating a fun and safe environment that will foster both friendship and teamwork. Our staff stands to offer a culture of sportsmanship, integrity, and ambition. By consistently providing quality training across all aspects of the sport, our athletes will be an asset both at the gym, and in life.

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Embrace your athlete's passion for cheerleading at Amp Athletics - where we offer high quality cheerleading at an affordable price. As a 501c3 non-profit, our mission is to serve your athlete and share our passion for cheerleading with our area. Register now and be a part of the Amp Athletics community!

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